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What is a 401K Rollover?

The term 401K rollover is a term given when someone who has a 401K plan wishes to change the administrator of that plan. It is perfectly fine to leave your plan where it is, however given that you can have input as to where your assets are allocated, and invested, many people choose to change the administrator of the plan.

The most common time people change administrators, or roll their 401K over, is when they have changed employers. Often, this pool of money is significant and great care should be taken when making changes. It is important to craft a plan that will meet your goals while being sensitive to your tolerance for risk. Funds can be spread out in several different investment vehicles mixing allocations with various expected returns.

It is important to analyze where your funds are placed now, and where you would like them invested. In addition, a benefit analysis should be run for various investment allocation scenarios. Minor adjustments can have a tremendous impact in 15, 20 or 25 years.

It is our goal to provide that in a professional and courteous manner. If you would like a free analysis, and recommendation, please utilize our submission form. (Click here for your free analysis)


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